Demographics and Statistics

According to 2010 Census figures, Pamlico County population and annual income continued its trend to fluctuate downward when economic conditions drove breadwinners and young adults to better job markets in areas of greater population density. The same variance in rising figures begins to show in 2008 and the same bouncing back to gradual increases is projected.

Individual city population figures show Alliance with 776 souls, Arapahoe - 556, Bayboro - 1263 [significantly up], Grantsboro - 688, Mesic - 220, Minnesott Beach - 440, Oriental - 900, Stonewall - 281 and Vandemere - 254. The balance of the 13,000 total Pamlico County people lived outside the incorporated cities. Population density is 39 people per acre: 76% White, 20% African American, and Hispanic, Asian and Native American people in fractions of one percent. Nearly 30% of the people are 65 or older. The median age is 43. Just less than 75% of the population was born in North Carolina.

Figures show Median Household Income at $53,319 and Per Capita Income at $22,628. Regular primary, elementary, middle and high schools are in Bayboro. The active Pamlico County Community College is in Alliance and the excellent Arapahoe Charter School operates elementary grades in Arapahoe. County high school graduation rate is 81 per cent. County citizens holding Bachelor's degrees equal 15 per cent of the population. There are three private clinics serving the county and one public health facility, centrally located in Bayboro.

Working age population was 60% in 2008. The labor force numbers 5,275 (non-farm) with an 8.99 per cent rate of unemployment. Active employers in the county include seafood processing, agriculture, boat design, building, service and repair. County administration and government are the largest single employer while tourism represents a dependable and growing business sector.

The county has 68 operating farms, 91% family owned with an average size of 770 acres. There are 1,200 firms in the county in boat manufacture, fish processing, construction, retail, food and accommodation, marine supply and support, and equipment service businesses. Artists and crafters, writers, communication support and professionals in medicine, law, accounting, education, entertainment and administration provide a variety of services in the county.

Pamlico County crime rate is negligible with annual incidents reported at 250, most of which involved larceny. The voting rate is 71 per cent.

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