Area Information in Oriental/Pamlico County, NC

Oriental and Pamlico County

Situated around the harbor, creeks and shore of the Neuse River, Oriental, N.C., is considered the “Sailing Capital of North Carolina." A popular stop along the Intracoastal Waterway, this charming riverfront town on the “Inner Banks” of North Carolina offers a thriving village center with shops, restaurants and delightful homes, a rich cultural scene, beautiful waterfront real estate along the river and creeks, and a strong retirement community.

Oriental’s village area is a big draw for tourists and locals alike. Visitors can stay in a bed and breakfast, walk or bike along the village streets, stop in shops, galleries and restaurants, or rest along the waterfront. Many visitors also come to learn new skills through one of the town’s many sailing schools.

Oriental and its surrounding Pamlico County communities lure many retirees and relocators from the North. With affordable homes, a strong sense of community, mild weather and proximity to the beaches, Oriental is a small town with a big draw.

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